Registration Forms

To register for Administration and User Accounts for the Treasurer's Accounting website, please use the following forms.  You can either use your browser to print out the forms, or download the forms and print them from your computer.  Fill out the forms completely and either mail or fax them to the Maricopa County Treasurer's Accounting department.

Administration Form
(For Authorized Administrators of Agencies Only)
InternetAdmin.doc (Word Version)
InternetAdmin.htm (HTML Version)

User Registration Form
UserReg.doc (Word Version)
UserReg.htm (HTML Version)

General Information

Postal Address:
Accounting Department
Maricopa County Treasurer's Office
301 W. Jefferson St. Suite 280
Phoenix, Arizona 85003

County Internal Mail Address:
Accounting, Treasurer, Mail Stop 43.

Fax: 602.506.2327